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2010-05-28 Updates

Lots of updates since the last news
  • User mophat did a ton of work and implemented an email parser for use with Exchange as well as a screenshooter application
  • Many bug fixes and small issues have been taken care of/implemented.
  • Slick-Ticket is now available in 4 languages! Thank you to all of our translators and more are always welcome.

2009-09-20 v2.0 Beta is Released

  • Most fixes are in the backend and will not be visible to the users, most everything will run exactly the same as before, just a lot of coding improvements.
  • If you are running v1.05 (anything before today), be sure to run the upgrade patch before you download v2.0 - it is not the prettiest process, but it works.

2009-01-26 Installation Walkthrough Videos Uploaded

Videos available here: in both high and low quality.

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FaramarzZ Nov 18, 2009 at 3:48 PM 
Simple and Fast. very good for starters in helpdesk support.