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Changes to RESX files not appearing in Website

Jun 28, 2010 at 5:20 PM


I'm running into a strange issue when modifying the RESX files within then App_LocalResources folder. It seems that any change I make in these files (Ie new_ticket.aspx.resx) Do not reflect on the actual Website.

An example that I can show you, there is an issue when emailing out the notification of a new issue. The text in the body shows "A newMedium priority ticket was submitted by..."
*Notice how there is no space between "new" and "Medium"*

So I modified the new_ticket.aspx.resx file and updated the value by putting a space after "new", but the e-mails are still coming in as "A newMedium..."

Is there anything I should be doing after modifying the file to invoke the new changes??? I have already tried refreshing the page and restarting the web services but no luck.