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Slick-Ticket is a no-nonsense trouble ticketing/help desk solution.

This is a simple, to-the-point system. It was born out of loathing of the system that I was forced to use. It was tested in a live environment with hundreds of users and ultimately de-throned our expensive and bloated ticketing software.
  • Full Integration with Active Directory means not having to add another layer of permissions
  • Intuitive interface allows users to jump right in
  • Integrated help/faq system for administrators to inform users


  • Utilizes .Net 3.5 (C#)
  • Asp.Net architecture built with Linq-to-SQL
  • Utilizes Asp.Net AJAX and the AJAX Control Toolkit
  • Completely customizable colors/themes
  • Installation program included, just load it on your machine and follow the directions
  • Localized - Available Languages

Contact: stan [at] naspinski [dot] net

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