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Error: “The website declined to show this webpage” with AjaxControlToolkit 3.5


What I have?
I have a ASP.NET page deployed in layouts folder of 12 hive in SharePoint. This page makes use of Accordion control in AjaxControlToolkit.dll V3.5.40412.2.
I have placed the page code behind class assembly and AjaxControlToolkit.dll in Virtual Directory bin folder.
What I want?
I want to load this page when a link clicked from a web part for users of "Visitors" site group when the DLLs are placed in virtual directory bin folder.
What problem am I facing?
The page loads properly for administrator. But, for "Visitors", it shows "The website declined to show this webpage" error message.
In these scenarios the page works fine for "Visitors":
  1. If I place both the assemblies in GAC
  2. If I give Everyone read permission to AjaxControlToolkit.dll (in bin)
    Am I missing something here?
Closed May 28, 2010 at 3:11 PM by naspinski
This isn't an issue with the code, this is a setup issue, please try the forum