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Ticket Privacy


We are looking for a new ticket solution, and so far we are very excited with the possibilities of ST!! Maybe I am not understanding the permissions/groups/levels... however we would prefer that users NOT be able to see each others tickets for numerous reasons (our users sometimes have a bad habit of putting too much info into a ticket... (username, password, pin#s). However this doesn't seem possible with ST in its current state. Am I missing something? It looks to me that if we assign a group "Students" to a certain level (2) then all members of that group can see have some level of control on those tickets because they are on the "same or higher level."
Is my observations correct? Is there a way to ONLY allow users to see tickets they have entered and not anyone else in their level? Higher levels (technicians) should still be able to see all tickets.
what I am going to do is have an adjustable 'privacy limit' which goes from 0-10, and any permission level at/under the level set can only see their own tickets, over has current rights
Closed May 28, 2010 at 3:07 PM by naspinski
Implemented in source - needs more testing before the 3.0 release to include screenshooter, email tickets, etc.


VedranObranovic wrote Mar 20, 2010 at 11:20 PM

This is very interesting item and is a mandatory for us to implement. Users should be able to see only their own tickets =)

Is this feature going to include the possibility that user with some level of permission can only create a ticket, but can not assign that ticket. If the user creates such a ticket, administrator should be noticed and assign a ticket (possibly even change its state). Then the ticket should be handled.

If this update is going to have such a feature, then it will be ready for implementation into our production enviroment!!


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